Basic types of the shower stalls

For today interior of a bathroom with a shower stall is not a novelty and does not cause any problems. Wide range of materials, shapes and additional functions lets to choose type of shower that you desire. Comfort and cosiness can be created by neat furniture and small accessories – you will always have enough places for them, if you install the stall.

Either of models of booths, which are on the market today can be used to create interesting and unique interior for the bathroom. The only thing that may confuse some customers – a huge variety of models, but you will find that the choice had come by itself by considering their characteristics.

Thus, the simplest form is the so-called “shower corner”. There are no extra features. Such construction consists only of the tray and the doors. Enclosed shower stall has a fully enclosed space, that is, a roof, doors and tray. Enclosed space, if necessary, can maintain a constant temperature in the booth. Therefore, this construction can provide additional functions as a bath or a sauna, Charcot shower and so on.

In addition, the shower can be combined with a bath. In this case, the tray is deeper than usual and the booth itself has a much larger area. Also, such a stall can have the function of hydrojet massage, if it has necessary devices, build into the tray.

The tray may made of be cast iron or aluminum, as well as acrylic. Also, a shower has an aluminum frame and sliding or folding doors, moving on special rollers. These rollers are usually the most fragile elements of the whole structure, but this problem can be solved easily with the words “I’ll go buy rolls for a shower”.

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