Bathroom repair. 2

It’s said that Englishman’s home is his castle. But how nice it is when your “castle” is also a cozy nest. But even one small detail can negate all the efforts to build such a nest – old bathroom, unrepaired for a long time with rusty pipes, dirty tile and defective equipment will spoil the impression of functional hall, a luxurious, comfortable sitting room and a practical kitchen.

Stylish, well-groomed, sparkling with freshness and purity bathroom tells volumes. A well maintained and beautiful bathroom is quite important in our lives, as kind of a symbol of cleanliness and health. So the modern design and qualitative bathroom repair is not only beneficial everyday mood, but also reliability in domestic matters.

Bathroom repair, as well as any other room in the apartment, should begin with a careful thinking through the interior, because the interior is a unique combination of color and style that reflects you best. It is very important to take everything into account, from flooring and tile colours to lighting and equipment model. You also need to realize that the bathroom repair is highly complicated, therefore better to find an organization that will perform all the repairs of your bathroom faithfully and qualitatively.

Experienced and skilled workers with recommendations – this is the main criterion by which by which should select experts for repairing works. The price of repair work will depend directly on the complexity of interior decisions and price of major repairs. Therefore advisable to draw up detailed cost estimates for the beginning and discuss it with professionals.

Comprehensive bathroom repair, as a rule, begins with the dismantling – removing old ceramic tiles and paint from the walls and ceiling. When complete with dismantling, proceed to the leveling of the walls (stucco work). Next comes the turn of sanitary pipe layout of the hot and cold water. Pipes can be polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic or metal; also experts recommend covering them with thermal insulation material. It is extremely important to comply with safety precautions when wiring electricity very strictly as there is a high humidity in any bathroom. All the electrical appliances must be grounded. Cast iron or steel tub also must be grounded. Special sockets and switches made for moist areas are required. To prevent the fungus walls must be processed with waterproof mastic.

When choosing a ceiling for the bathroom better opt for the moisture resistant false ceiling. It’s quite beautiful and, most importantly, long-living. These ceilings are made of aluminum modules, metal rods and other materials. The best material for flooring is tile, as it is reliable and has a great appearance. The wall finishing material may be chosen depending on your imagination. It could be ceramic tile, and washable wallpaper, and lots of others.

Typically, complex repair of standard bathroom takes on average of 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity and workload. Modern, comfortable, functional bathroom is a reliable rear of your castle.

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