Bathroom repair

Bathroom repair is a quite complicated thing. That’s why it very to important to think thoroughly about every detail before you start. The most significant questions are:

How to find good building brigade?

What building materials should be bought?

And, finally, how long will repair works last and how much will they cost?

Here is supposed plan of repair works in small bathroom done by 2 workers.

1-2 days will be expended on dismounting of the old equipment, tile and removing the debris.

Communications installation will last for at least 2-4 days. If replanning is performed all the pipework must be removed into the walls. In this case the biggest part of time will be taken by cutting the grooves of walls. In addition, walls must be planed after such works in order to enable flat tile laying. 3 more days are need for installation of suction fittings and water filters. Total, separation will last for a week.

Then, tiler can start his work. In average, he will plaster and plane walls, doing the moistureproof works and buckle for 3 days. Electrician must start working at the same time. Tile facing will last for 5-10 days.

Hung ceiling will be installed in one day. One more day is required for installing all the bathroom equipment.

Totally, 3-4 weeks are required for repairing works in the bathroom.

It is better when all the bathroom equipment is bought just before the repair works start. It is important because it is necessary to know size of the bath or height of the washer before pipework installation is started. Moreover, the bath itself must be bought first – if it’s simple metal bath, it must be installed before facing the bathroom with tile. But if it is Jacuzzi, this is done in opposite way – bath is installed after the facing is done.

This statement is true not only for bathroom repair in a house or apartment. It is also very important to choose all the equipment in advance when repair works are planned, for example, in jim’s cloakroom – some devices may require specific first working.

For example, there must be built shower zone in a jim’s cloakroom. It is not planned to install the trays, because they are quite expensive and they will enlarge running costs and probability of injuries among the visitors. In this case the proper incline of the floor must be considered in advance; moistureproof works must be performed before laying the tile, wich also must be nonskid. Pipe-bend system also must be installed beforehand. Smoothing-out for the floor and walls tile is one more important thing – it also must be moistureproof, mycoproof and it must be easy to clean. Silicone smoothing-out may seem to be the best decision, but that’s not true – they don’t last for long in the floor tile joints and it’s quite hard to keep them clean.

If it is possible, it’s better to make a trap in the bathroom floor – it will keep you and your neighbors safe from accidental floods.

If you want to make a shower stall, you can install a tray in the floor during the repair works. However, you will need enclosures to protect the floor from splashes – a set of walls and door. But this enclosure don’t have any top and sometimes it’s installed in such a way that walls of the bathroom replace the walls of enclosure – that’s why you will need a special coating on the bathroom walls.

Ready-made shower stall are more expensive than enclosures. But there are thousands of models of different shower stalls on the market. Just like cars, they can have large amount of different conceptions and sets of functions even in the same price range. It’s important to remember before planning your new bathroom with a shower cubicle, that they can have different forms – square, round, rectangular, three-cornered or oval. Each form will create it’s own interior in the bathroom.

After choosing the stall it’s time to choose the mixer – a very small number of stalls have it pre-set. Shower panel might be used instead of mixer. It looks like a console, mounted on the wall, and has different mixers, jet valves and other devices. Shower panels have more functions than simple mixers and they are easy to install, but they require some additional space.

The most important thing is whichever bathroom equipment you will choose, you must be sure about its reliability and competence of the workers, performing the installation. Unlike the furniture, defective or badly mounted mixer can cause flood and property damage.

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