CRL 78″ Pinnacle Hinge Kit

Catalog Number: P1N03378CH
Finish: CHROME

Includes Hinges, Extrusion and Vinyl Seal
Designed for 3/8″ (10 mm) Glass
5 Degree Hinge Pins Ensure Positive Closure to Provide a Water Resistant Seal at Both the Sides and the Bottom
Self-Centering From 15 Degrees

This CRL Pinnacle Hinge Kit is designed for 3/8 inch (10 millimeter) glass and has the hinges already attached to aluminum extrusion in lengths of either 72 or 78 inches (1.83 or 1.98 meters). The Kit also includes an aluminum extrusion for the strike side as well as a 36 inch (914 millimeter) length of P990WS Bottom Sweep including mounting screws.


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