CRL 84″ 180 Degree Hydroslide Standard Kits

Catalog Number: HYDK84CH
Finish: CHROME

Excellent Design for Compact Areas
Clean Sleek Lines
Quick and Easy Installation
Available in Four Finishes
Accommodates a Wide Range of Shower Designs
Patent Pending

CRL Hydroslide Sliding Shower Door Kits were designed for full standing showers or above bathtubs. The Hydroslide System can accommodate a wide range of shower designs with fixed glass panels on either end, or both sides at 90 or 180 degrees. The Hydroslide System also accommodates the option of floor-to-near-ceiling glass panels with a sliding door. CRL Hydroslide Sliding Shower Door Kits feature the latest European ‘all-glass’ look. Kits are available in either 60 or 84 inch (1524 or 2134 millimeter) widths. Installers can cut the width to size, and height is optional as long as the sliding door glass weighs less than 88 pounds (40 kilograms). The 180 Degree Wall-to-Wall Installation only requires the 180 Degree Standard Kit for the installation. Individual or replacement parts can also be ordered. Bottom Glass Attachments, Thresholds, and Handles or Knobs must be ordered separately. CRL Hydroslide Kits come in four finishes; Chrome Fittings with a Brite Anodized Sliding track, polished Brass with a Brite Gold Anodized Sliding track, Brushed Nickel with Brushed Nickel Anodized Sliding Track, and Oil Rubbed Bronze Anodized Sliding Track. Each Kit comes with complete fabrication and installation instructions. 180 Degree Standard Kit consists of: One Sliding Glass Door Upper Track, Two Hangers for Sliding Glass Door, Two Sliding Glass Door Rollers, Two Sliding Glass Door Roller Stops, One Sliding Glass Door Floor Guide, Two 90 Degree Wall-to-Upper Track Connectors, Two 180 Degree Glass-to-Sliding Track Connectors One each 36″ (914 mm) Half-Round SDT980 Threshold, and One each 98″ (2489 mm) DK98L L-Seal for wall.


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