CRL 98″ Round/Flat Profile Deluxe Headers Only

Catalog Number: SDH980BAEXT

Available in Several Finishes
This is a Separately Sold Header Extrusion Bar Only for the CRL Header Kit

This CRL Deluxe Header Only will provide additional support and a level of safety while securing glass panels not reaching the ceiling. Deluxe Headers are designed to allow installers to do in-house fabrication using a selection of component parts. Sold in 66, 98 and 144 inch (1676, 2489 and 3657 millimeter) lengths, the double profile extrusion has a narrow 1-1/4 inch (31.8 millimeter) face to minimize the visible sight line. A choice of facing edges (round or flat with mitered edges) is possible by simply reversing the extrusion. 90º, 135º or Adjustable Corners are sold separately. Also Available is a special Adapter Block for use on pivot hinge installations. A 2-1/4 inch (57.2 millimeter) Blank Mounting Bracket is offered for installations when the Header does not meet the wall at 90º, and the standard Wall Mounting Brackets cannot be used. Header is constructed of aluminum alloy 6463. This Header is adaptable to Senior Prima or Prima Hinges, Junior Prima Hinges should be used with the Junior Header.

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