CRL Adjustable Vienna 337 Wall Mount Full Back Plate Hinge

Catalog Number: V1E337CH
Finish: CHROME

Adjustable to Any Angle Up To 90 Degrees Without Removing Door
Available in Several Beautiful Finishes
Three Year Warranty

The CRL Vienna Adjustable Series of professional hinges is able to accommodate 3/8 to 1/2 inch (10 to 12 millimeter) tempered safety glass. A variety of two styles, Wall Mount and Glass-to-Glass types, gives design flexibility and allows the designer/installer to create custom enclosures limited only by their imagination. The Vienna Adjustable Series has taken our popular Vienna Series to a new level. Adjustment to accommodate the angle desired (up to 90 degrees) is done after the door is installed. Once the door is hung, simply loosen the allen screws and turn the door to the desired closed position. Tighten the Allen screws in the new self-centering location. The door can swing 90 degrees inward and also 90 degrees outward (adjusting angle from factory set position will reduce 90 degree swing in that direction). For doors pulling outwards only (using a clear door jamb), you can adjust the hinge to close 5 degree inside the shower area, thus having the door close snugly against the jamb.


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