CRL Chrome Cologne Shower Pull and Hinge Set

Catalog Number: C0LS3CH
Finish: CHROME

•Set Includes Two Hinges and One Pull
•Available in Our Most Popular Colors
•All Together in Easy-To-Order Sets

This CRL Shower Pull and Hinge Set consists of one each BM6x6 Tubular Back-To-Back Pull Handle that has hole spacing of six inches (152.4 millimeters) Center-to-Center, and two each Cologne 037 Series Wall Mount Full Back Plate Standard Hinges. We’ve made it easier for you to get two of our most popular Hinge and our best-selling Pull Handle by combining them in one easy-to-order set. These Wall Mount Hinges or Top and Bottom Mount Pivot Hinges make up over 90 percent of our demand.


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