CRL Cicero Wall Mount “H” Full Back Plate Hinge

Catalog Number: 3803001
Finish: BRASS

For 3/8″ and 1/2″ (10 and 12 mm) Tempered Glass
Solid Forged Brass Hinges With Square Corners & Edges
Available in Several Finishes

The CRL Cicero Series Shower Door Hinge features precision machined stainless steel components with mouse ear design for added holding strength. The Cicero Series has the same timeless styling as the Anaheim hinge, but with clean, rounded corners and beveled edges. It is self closing from 25 degrees to self centering 0 degree return. (5 degree positive closure and 45 degree configurations available) An allen wrench is included with each hinge. This series hinge conservatively rated at 40 pounds per hinge.


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