CRL Cologne Series Glass-to-Glass Mount Hinges

Catalog Number: C0L045CH
Finish: CHROME

Accommodates 3/8″ to 1/2″ (10 to 12 mm) Glass
Available in Many Beautiful Finishes
Three Year Warranty

The CRL Cologne Series of professional hinges is designed to accommodate 3/8 to 1/2 inch (10 to 12 millimeter) glass. Available in both Wall Mount and Glass-to-Glass styles, it provides design flexibility. Cologne Series Hinges are constructed of solid brass with all moving parts (pins and springs) in stainless steel. Two strategically placed pins inside the hinge provide template options, and satisfy two schools of thought for mounting shower door hinges. It allows the Cologne Hinge to be used with it’s own CRL “mouse-ears” cut-out, or in some cases fit competitive “mouse-ear” cut-outs. On the other hand, to enable increased adjustability, the two pins can be removed which allows the Cologne Hinge to fit it’s own CRL rectangular shape, square cornered cut-out, or in some cases, fit competitive rectangular shaped, square cornered cut-outs.

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