Dynamic lighting in the shower and light bathing

For many decades, engineers and designers have supplied the usual things with different functions and unexpected design. Now, using the latest advances in plumbing, it is easy to turn an ordinary bathroom into a real attraction. Thus, for example, is a shower with a color highlighting. It’s very spectacular, and you can easily forget to take a shower, admiring and enjoying it. Due to a variety of settings shower can be turned into a disco – a useful feature for those who love to sing in the shower. And if you wish, lighting can be made gradually changing and blinking.

Dynamic illumination system automatically determines the temperature of water and switches the appropriate lighting. At a temperature below 32 degrees Celsius illumination will be green, from 32 to 41 – blue, from 41 to 45 – the red, and in order to prevent you from burning yourself with hot water, illumination will blink red when the temperature is greater than 45 degrees. There are LED lights built into the nozzle shower – it is them who give the colored lighting. LED nozzle will help to determine the temperature of water literally by eye, not thrusting your hand under the stream and not quarreling at suddenly gamy mixer. Also, LED nozzle won’t remain without attention with children. Taking the shower will turn into a colorful event for them. Such nozzle requires no wiring and even batteries to be working. Energy for powering high-brightness LEDs is produced by built-in micro-turbines.

Before operating the color shower, make sure that all safety measures are met. In addition, it would be better if all the electrical work for installing such shower would be carried out by experts.

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