Hydromassage shower panel

What’s good about hydromassage shower panel? It is compact, relatively inexpensive, and can be compared with shower cubicle on the effectiveness of exposure.

Number of jets in various models is usually ranging from three to eight. They are arranged on the panel vertically in one, two or three rows. If you want to massage only one area of the body (such as neck) you can turn a single nozzle or group of nozzles above. If you turn all of them, they will influence several zone. Such a hydromassage is called circular and it’s very good for health. Jets make the main difference between hydromassage shower panel and the traditional shower stand.

The main modes of operation:

• Classic. Gentle whirlpool effect complements the traditional shower.
• Bracing. Pulsating jet is best option for a morning shower.
• Super-bracing. For those who didn’t get enough sleep, the cross massage will fit: intersecting jets from several (five or six) nozzles.
• Relaxing. Shower with soft jets, saturated with air, is good in the evening – after work or before bedtime.

The standard set of shower includes a shower, usually in two versions: the upper stationary bailer and hand on a flexible hose. Both may have several types of jets.

Most panels are made of acrylic and aluminum. Decorating can various. Just select: chrome, wood effect, stained glass, etc. All depends on the overall style of the bathroom.

Hydromassage panels and stands with mechanical control are always cheaper than with electronic one. In the first case the flow and water temperature is regulated manually by a lever or rotary valves (depending on the design of the mixer). In the second case, you need only to click on the indicator board. Typically, it shows all available options, and LEDs are used as indicators of their activation. Sometimes is possible to program the temperature of water, the source of its filing (with shower or jets) and the desired mode of operation.

Traditional rectangular variants now increasingly get more graceful shapes: panels are made curved or even “rounded”. There are special models for installation in a corner. Control knobs can be placed not only on the front of the plane, but also in special cavities on the sides. Pleasant trifles are also available: shelves for storing shampoos, sponges, comfortable seats, halogen or LED lamps, etc.

It’s quite easy to install hydromassage panel. It is only necessary to fasten the device on the wall with a few screws and plug the hidden bringing in. But it’s far more difficult to install a panel with electronic control and / or illumination. It must be grounded and connected to an electrical outlet. Moreover transformer, which is crucial, should remain inaccessible to spray and moisture.

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