Installation work before and after the installation of a shower stall

Oddly enough, people come up to the installation of a shower stall in the two extreme stages readiness of the bathroom. At the same time, few people think about the nature of the work undertaken and, therefore, allowing the typical mistakes that make the assembling and connection works difficult and sometimes even impossible. First, the bathroom may be already fully prepared, packed with tile, suspended ceiling, with installed bathroom and doors.. and riggers pulls the booth into this grandeur! But sometimes just in order to pull a stall or a bath the doors and jambs must be removed and even chop down the corners of the concrete walls. Second, there is another extreme, when the premise is not ready at all – there is only a rough floor no communication. Of course, it’s much easier to assemble stall, but it’s often moved from place to place during the following work and that’s why it can often get some stain and scratch; later, the riggers will have to come again to complete the connections and restore the initial appearance of shower stall.

As always, the best option is the middle one, without any extremes. Future lucky owner of the shower Device must be absolutely clear about where and how it will be placed. Moreover, if your project has any so called “bottlenecks”, there is a great reason to trace and fathom them most carefully.

The things that must be done before the installations:
• All communications, including water purification filters and reducers;
• Automatic network switchers;
• If necessary – ventilation, telephone and audio line;
• Finished floor and walls.
• Lighting (temporary one is acceptable)
• If the raised floor is required, it also must be assembled beforehand
Also, it must be clear what bathroom and will be installed in the bathroom except the stall, into order to prevent situations when the stall is already installed but the the toilet sink is left in the hallway.

The things that must be done after the installations:

The question of vertical sizes of the cabin is a difficult one. When mounting, booth is put up horizontally, loosen or, conversely, tightening adjustable feet, so the finished ceiling may complicate the assembly. That’s why, suspended ceiling must be mounted after the installing of he stall. Of course, it doesn’t matter for the installation of the bathtub. It’s better to remove the doors or take the time to install them.

It is not recommended to have incandescent bulbs closer than 2 ft from the wall or roof of the cab. The heated bulb can easily damage the acrylic surface.

The pressure of the hot and cold water in the water system should be restricted by using the reducers on the level of 4-4,5 atmospheres. In order to eliminate the salt deposits on the sprinklers and watering holes it is necessary to install mechanical cleaning filters on the entering water pipes in the bathroom.

It is very important to provide access to filters for periodic audits, cleaning or replacement.

The booth should be grounded in order to make it safe for using; the power line device must be equipped with a circuit breaker, designed for operating current not exceeding 30 mA. (most modern stalls already have the equipment).

If you live in an apartment, you need to fathom the width of the stairs or elevator doors in advance. It would be extremely annoying if the purchased and brought device will get stuck halfway.

Many future customers don’t identify the situation in the market whirlpool baths and shower stall correctly enough. After passing the shops or markets in search of stall or baths, or by visiting a large number of sites anyone can think that there are more than enough options to purchase. On the one hand this is true, but there may be problems – sometimes demand exceeds the supply. The fact is that manufacturers change their product range, some models and brands withdraw from the market, superseded by others. Unfortunately, sometimes the situation happens, when someone is not taking care of premature booking product but proceed to repair works, having in mind a specific model. And, when all communications are ready and it remains only to deliver and install the booth, it appears that there is no this model in the stores anymore. Then he/she has to quickly change plans and look for the same or similar model, and, as practice shows, it’s often more expensive than the one on which he/she had counted before.

The easiest variant is to conclude a supply contract, approve the date and pay of 30-50% cost of the product in advance. Such practices are fairly widespread; in fact, many companies may hold an advance reservation, even by the phone.

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