Novelties on the designer’s bath market

“Ladybird” is a sedentary bath with a strippable lid and a washer, which was introduced by Coco Reynolds for small apartments and attics – places, where there is a problem with a free space. When you don’t use the bath or washer you can just close the lid – and the room is a bathroom anymore, and the “ladybird” transforms into a 32 inch dressing table. It is put out in 3 colours – red, white and black.

The next specimen is far more expensive. Not everyone is able or willing to spend 30 thousands euro on the bath. “Red Diamond bathtub” is made or a luxurious pastime. It’s provided with two waterproof TV-screens, which can be removed by click of a button if you don’t need them. Control panel is decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold.

Support for champagne is also decorated with strass. Of course, it has massage and jacuzzi functions. And what’s more, it has build-into GSM module, which allows run it when you’re out of home. Driving up to your home, you can send message to your bath, and it will fill with water of required temperature by the time you arrive. There is also a thermos function.

But shower look can be created without such expenses. For example there is an idea of colour highlight for water in bath. Just imagine: muted light and glowing water. Special waterproof lamp “Aqua Glow Tub Light” was created for performing a highlight of the water. It can be just put on the bottom of tub fastened on the wall. It cab glow with any colour of a rainbow, so it can be used to perform colourtherapy and you can choose it according to your mood. You can get ready for sleep or make the baby calm wih blue; cheer up with orange; create romantic atmosphere with pink. And it costs only 20 $.

The final specimen is very unaffected. It was created by the Dane Ole Jensen, and he calls it just “soft bath”. It is made oethylene-propylene rubber and filled through a hose, but doesn’t have a sink. Author’s idea was that filled to the edges, it will be hard enough to lay on it, but still much softer than metal or plastic – just like a couch. The water can be poured out by simply taking the hose out. That why this bath is recommended to use in a backyard.

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