Showers stall installation

Today, shower stalls become more and more popular. They require very small space – many housewives like them just because it is easy to put a washing machine right next to the stall even in very small bathroom. Taking shower is far more faster than taking bath – that’s why cubicles are popular among business people. Moreover, taking shower is also more hygienic – when you are taking a shower, running water immediately wipe-off everything from your body.

Most of manufacturers now offer booths with many different functions. In addition to shower itself, there also may be hydro-jet massage, sauna, contrast douche, highlight and even TV, radio or telephone.

Closed shower stall are good for keeping steam and moisture inside and disabling it to fill the bathroom. It helps to keep the walls and ceiling surfaces keep from soaking and deformation.

When you have finally bought your own shower stall, very comfortable and with many useful functions, you should understand that it is only the first step. The next one is installation.

Installing stall on your own can lead to leaking and even a flood. Furthermore, booth may require electricity – improper wiring will cause short circuit. Remaking of such works will cost a fortune, that’s why it’s better to commit all the works to the professionals.

First of all, professionals will help you to choose proper place for your stall – it must be supplied with water and sink pipes and the wires. All the joints, occurred during the installation, must be choked up hermetically – it will prevent any leaks. It is also very important to set the right angle of the tray before its installations – it’s needed for proper water discharge.

Of course, it’s too hard to do all this things properly on your own. But there professional to help you, and will cope with it rapidly and qualifiedly.

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