Some tips for bathroom repair

Bathroom repair is quite a difficult arrangement. It’s possible to manage without any room in the home for some time, but it becomes very complicated in the case of bathroom.

Here are some basic tips for the bathrooms repair:

– To avoid clogging the riser it’s necessary to lay the pipes with a small inclination in its direction. If there’s a curve (indention) on the riser, it mustn’t be fully horizontal.
- Walls with gypsum or asbestos base can be aligned with plaster instead of sand-cement mixture – it is safer for them.
- When repairing moist premises it is better to use moisture-resistant drywall on metal frame.
- It is highly recommended to use the stainless steel towel dryers from; plastic sink in the bathroom; rack ceiling, on the contrary made of metal, not plastic; wooden or made ​​of waterproof plywood doors and frames.
- When installing the screen to the bath it is better to leave space for the hatch that provides access to the pipework.

First and foremost, before you start repairing the bathroom, interior design and decor must be very considered thoroughly. It is not as unimportant as it seems at first glance.

Thus you first need to choose the style. This may be a classic, old-fashioned, high-tech, modern, or something original mixed. Just think and choose the one you like the most.

Next, choose an interior. Everything must comply with the chosen style. But the main thing is not to spoil everything the wrong light placement. Here you can turn to professionals – they will help you to emphasize the correct areas using illumination.

Materials that will be involved in a bathroom repair should be of the best quality – it’s better not to save on them, or will may be disappointed with the results.

When all the organizational issues are resolved, we can proceed to repair. Here is a sample list of the sequence of repair work:

1. purifying walls of the old tiles or paint
2. removing floor tiles
3. dismantling old bathroom equipment
4. dismantling the door frame if you are planning to change the door
5. dismantling the sewer and water pipes
6. replacing older cranes on a riser with the new ones
7. replacing bridges on a towel dryer
8. cutting grooves in the appropriate places for the laying of new water and sewer pipes
9. installing pressure reducers and water purification filters
10. mounting collector and divorce sewer and water pipes to the planned point
11. performing wiring
12. treating the wall up to the required state by plastering and priming
13. doing the floor lining
14. facing walls and laying the floor with tile
15. installing the bathtub
16. building a screen for bath
17. assembling hanging ceiling and installing spotlights
18. installing and linking up the bathroom equipment

Bathroom repair is usually completed by hanging mirrors and installing the necessary accessories.

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