Some tricks for a small bathroom

The main conditions that affect the arrangement of the bathroom are its size and your preferences. And very often the first condition is crucial, because it’s the extremely rare situation when the size of the bathroom fully satisfies its owners.

But even small-sized room should be equipped comfortable, practical and good-looking. But there are cases when one would have to make a choice of what is more important – comfort or beauty. And to reduce such victims to a minimum it’s needed to approach very carefully and thoroughly to the bathroom repair.

Bathroom is a room for the repair of which professional help is required. If you want to avoid future problems do not hire the first available team – be sure to read reviews of these specialists.

But before you give your bathroom into the hands of builders and plumbers, it should be considered, how you see your future bathroom. И это не только цвет стен и цвет пола. And it’s not just the color of the walls and floor color – at first the furniture, sanitary ware and simple technique that will stand in the bathroom should be chosen. Do not hurry to buy all of this. To begin write the entire list of what you want to put in the bathroom. It may be a bath, shower, heated towel rack, sink, boiler, washing machine, shelves, cabinets, mirrors and even a hairdryer. If a bathroom is combined, add the toilet and bidet. Now weight the desirable and possible – “stuffing” with available space. This is best done using software for modeling bathrooms. Such helping programs are very common on the websites of plumbing manufacturers or merchants. First of all, they are good in simplifying the selection of plumbing sizes – all the sizes and models are already available in the program, you only have to arrange them as you wish.

If the room is small, then at the stage of placement of these elements we will face with the fact that nothing fits. So at this stage it is time to apply the imagination. There are few options to think about. The first one is how to enlarge the bathroom, the second is how to lessen saniaty ware size and the third is how to decrease the amount of ware and furniture. Let’s look at these options in order.

The first case the possibility enlarging the bathroom. How do perform it if the neighbors don’t want to share with their area? If there several toilets in the apartment, it is worth sacrificing one to increase the area of the bathroom. Very often, such a combination makes it possible to substantially increase the usable area. But there are a couple of nuances that should be considered. Firstly, if the wall between the toilet and bath is bearing, any performance with it will be strictly prohibited. Secondly, it is necessary to coordinate such a reconfiguration.

The second option is to reduction of the size of sanitary ware or selection of combined options. For example, mounted (console) toilet takes something about 30 cm less space than usual. The same situation is with a bidet – mounted option frees another 30 cm. But note that for ease of the use of the toilet or bidet there should be free space of about 50-60 cm on front of the unit and 20-40 cm on the sides. It’s also possible to replace the bidet with a hygienic shower, which also gives space saving effect. Or you can buy a toilet combined with bidet.

If your family members really want a shower, and you can not refuse a big bathtub, then set the combined version. Such bath-shower greatly reduce occupied area. But if you decide to install a shower stall, then aside a corner for it. Corner models with sliding doors are something that is suitable for a small bathroom.

Washing machine also requires a separate place. It is not the smallest item in the bathroom, but it’s difficult to manage without it. Do not purchase a large washing machine, especially if you do not have a big family. Or you can try to place the washing machine under the sink – it also safes a lot of space.

Heated towel rail can be placed partly over the bathtub or above the washing machine. The boiler is often placed in niches or above the toilet. The only thing you can not to refuse yourself is the size of mirror. It is flat and increases the room visually, like nothing else.

In the presence of a small bathroom is not necessary to use bulky wall cabinets. It is better to use a transparent glass shelves. And indeed all the furniture should be as small as possible, as it were a toy. Small-sized objects increase the room, not just those that take up less space, but also visually.

And only after the bath was designed “on paper” and experts gave the green light for such a placement of plumbing devices, you can begin to purchase new equipment and furniture.

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