Tempered glass

Brand new phenomenon architecture, introduced by some designers is filling the house with light transparent constructions, which give a lot of light and feeling of a space to the premises. At the same time, comfort and high functionality remains very urgent. Material, suggested by such designers is absolutely environmentally appropriate – it is tempered glass.

Tempered glass or so-called stalinite is an ordinary glass, which is tempered on a very high temperature – about 600 degrees – and then rapidly cooled. After such treatment glass characteristics become much better. Tempered glass has 6-7 times better impact resistance and can sustain high temperatures up to 300 degrees. In addition, sand-jet pictures look brilliant on it. Tempered glass is used quite widely; show-windows, greenhouses’ roofs, glass doors, partitions and ladders are usually of it and this list is not complete.

The area of shopping malls and offices is need of proper organization. Partitions, made of tempered glass, can separate premises into zones and saving their integrity at the same time. They can have form of any complexity, so they match any interior wonderfully.

Glass objects can be both a main zest and neutral element of the interior. Due to the transparence such objects dissolve in the space and make it visually bigger. Therefore, tempered glass is widely and successfully used today in the ultra-modern interiors.

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