The basic rules of maintenance

According to numerous statistical studies, a bathroom is one of the most heavily exploited areas in apartment. All households spend long time there, making certain hygiene procedures several times a day. Therefore not surprising that every day all bathroom equipment mounted there take a significant load, resulting in relatively quickly wear out, requiring repair or replacement. In order to make expensive equipment to serve as long as possible, it’s enough to care for it regularly, following the basic rules. Modern shower stalls are known to be quite technically complex devices, that why they require especially careful handling and appropriate maintenance.

All the problems associated with usage of the shower stall, can be divided into three groups. The first of them are caused by defective sanitary ware and can be detected at the stage of assembly and installation of the construction. These problems can be called objective, because they do not depend on the owner of cabin and its user, so they require a decision by the producers or suppliers of sanitary ware. Typically, the warranty conditions apply to such cases, so the consumer has the right to replace the purchased products to a new and better one or to get back the money spent on the purchase.

The second group of issues is those ones that are caused by illiterate assembly or unskilled installation of sanitary ware. There is a manual for assembling and installing the cabin that is supplied with each stall, allowing the owner to install the stall without problems. But on the other hand, production of some manufacturers has a number of features, which are known only to experienced professionals. Mistakes made by the user during self-installation of sanitary ware are often not subject to the terms of the contract for warranty reimbursement, so the owner will have to pay the stall repairs from his own pocket.

The third group of problems is those that are caused by neglect or improper care of the stall during its usage. Practice shows that the service life the shower stall may be reduced by two to three times as a result of devil-may-care attitude. Thus, regular and thorough maintenance of a shower is a reliable investment and guarantee the most long-term service of sanitary ware.

Competent care for the stall not only provides an opportunity to extend the life of sanitary ware, but it also allows you to keep its visual characteristics unchanged permanently.

Turning off the backlights every time right after taking a shower will significantly increase the lifetime of the lighting equipment, integrated into the stall.

Peculiarities of caring for sanitary ware depend greatly on the quality of the water that is delivered through the city water supply. The absence of filters, peculiarities of water mineral composition may affect, as well as too long service life of concrete pipes, which needed to be changed a long, long time ago. In order to reduce the aggressive influence of water on the constructive elements of the cabin, the water quality should be changed. Filters help to cope with this problem, so that they must be installed at number of two on each of the water pipes before connecting the stall to the water supply system. Filters of primary and fine purification neutralize the calcium plaque in water, resulting in significantly increased lifetime mixers and whirlpool jets. Such filters will work properly only if every 2-3 months they will be thoroughly cleaned under running water or replaced by new ones.

Tap water also has a devastating effect on the acrylic surface of the tray and onto a glass or plastic surface of the side walls and doors of a stall. Regular thorough cleaning of the stall will help to deal with this adverse effect.

After each shower acrylic tray should be washed with a special cleanser that does not contain abrasive particles and does not scratch the surface. Abrasive will clean acrylic in a short time, but it will also cover the surface with small scratches, which later would cause the appearance of yellow plaque and dull-coloring of the tray. Tray should be wiped dry with a clean rag after thorough rinsing in running water. The final stage – acrylic tray covered with a thin layer of shampoo, not mixed with water using a clean rag or sponge.

If you leave drops of water on the glass or plastic doors and walls of the stall after taking shower, they will to form on the surface stains and spots after drying out – that’s how a high content minerals and salts in the water affects. It is very difficult to wash these stains then – the cleaning process requires considerable labor and time costs, so its mach better to prevent their occurrence. It is highly recommended to work the surface up with a wiper after washing and drying it. The last step is especially necessary in the case of a break in the usage of the stall, when the owners are leaving for some time. After such a work up the walls and doors of stalls will shine as good as new, but if they will be left untreated, they will be covered with a thick layer of dust over the idle time

Poor water quality makes the owners to clean all exterior metal surfaces, which include hydro-massage jets, shower heads, faucets, of calcium plaque regularly. It is recommended to use special equipment for metal items for these works, which thoroughly cleans them without changing their appearance. In addition, users must wipe all the metal and chrome and mirrored surfaces from water droplets and then work them up with a wiper each time after taking a shower.

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