Tips for buying a hydro-massage stall

It is worth recalling that the some hydro-massage shower booths may perform air massage as well. Aero massage device is made of branch pipes, hose system, distribution combs, jets (located on the bottom of the tub) and air compressor. Hot air is blown through branch pipes by the pumping equipment. Stream of hot air breaks in the jets into many small air bubbles. Under high pressure, they swim up bath and capturing particles of the water, creating the turbulence process.

On the outer sides of the bath nozzles are attached to the metal tubes. The optimum high pressure flow of water is carried out through the bush with a clearly defined diameter of the hole, which is usually called the liquid spray diffuser. Water filled with bubbles of air creates the effect of relaxing massage, and nozzles can be directed to any point of the body to improve its blood circulation. In addition, this massage prevents the emergence and development of cellulite Everyday adoption of such procedures helps to stay good-looking without even leaving the home!

Nowadays, there is a large variety hydromassage stalls to select from. Usually experts separate standard and corner stalls. Of course, there are some other types, but they are bought rather rare. In addition, the booths can be also separated on one-person models and models for several people.

Before you purchase a shower stall – make yourself sure in its efficiency, because it is obliged to serve you for years. Each booth must have a document, certifying its quality, including warranty. If dealer does not give you this document that is a reason to think about the origin of the shower stall. Primarily, pay attention to the pump – it is the most important piece of equipment. It must be designed in such a way that the pumping equipment will never be flushed with water. Pump is especially important for the hydrojet stalls.

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