Tips for installing of shower stall

It’s quite pleasant if a shower is comfortable and beautiful at the same time. It is not so hard to do it yourself, if you have time, material, tools and desire. It is only necessary to set tray and flag the wall tiles, buy ready-made transparent walls and install them on your own.

The price for shower stalls and their component parts is conditioned a set of structural and qualitative characteristics. So, you can always make choice that will match your aesthetic tastes, design-installation conditions and financial opportunities. Thus, it would be possible to pick up an acceptable option and successfully implement their ideas.

If you decide to assemble shower stall from the separate components, you first need to note that it may be located either in the corner of the bathroom, or adjacent to one of the walls. You will also need to prepare the tools and materials that may be found in your home: a drill with drill bits, screwdriver, screws and cement.

Before starting installation works, check out some important things: to see if the angle of docking wall shower is 90 °; how tightly the edge of tray should be close to the walls; if the bell sewer pipe coincides with a sink in the tray or not. It is better to attach the lower part of the construction to sewer immediately. Attach the adjustable legs to the bottom of the tray, placing the pre-cut pieces of cardboard or other material for the laying under each. Before you place the tray in a recess in the floor, handle the surface well with a hammer and chisel so that they are not sharp. If the angle is not straight, straighten the wall at the height of tray so that its edges are tightly adhered to the wall. Mount the sewer pipes so that when you install the tray socket sewer hole was just under the sink. Tray with adjustable legs must be put up exactly horizontally. And be careful – do not scratch the surface of tray!

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