Types of showers

Like the bathtub, showers currently have many varieties and options. And the location of shower in the bathroom, too, may be different – it depends only on taste and intuition of the owner. It can be placed anywhere: on the wall, on the ceiling or “grow up” from the floor. The most daring ones prefer to see a shower cubicle, floating in the middle of the room.

Most newfangled phenomenon in the design of shower nozzles and shower set – shower column. This is not a panel mounted on the wall. This is a metal column, inside which there is inflow, and it topped with a stationary shower nozzle of large diameter, and it can have different geometric shapes. The column can be additionally equipped with hand shower. Levers of the mixer are on a level that you are comfortable with.

Shower head in the process of evolution has undergone substantial changes. The very first shower heads would have caused us a smile: they look somewhat awkward and even ugly. Only recently, shower heads have begun to be designed. This has several causes. First, many modern bathtub are equipped with shower. And if the bath is modern, it is impossible to violate the harmony: shower head shall comply with standards. Secondly, today not only bathtubs with showers, but separate shower stalls are trendy. A bath is sometimes not even installed; it began to play a minor role.

Rod shower.

It recalls long-obsolete version: rigid pipe-rod, on which water is pumped from the mixer to watering. This type of shower heads now has a more modern form. Moreover, it is one of the most needed and popular. Such shower system is mounted on the wall. And, there are a variety of its types. Free-standing floor version is one of them.

Rods look quite elegant. There are massive waterings of large diameter on the end of such rods. Waterings themselves can also have a variety of shapes: dome-shaped, almost flat, round and very rare – rectangular. Manufacturers provide them with system of protection to prevent occurrence of limescale deposits. Outlet openings of such a shower have a special arrangement that allows reaching a variety of massage effects.

Rotary showers.

Frequently rotary showers are used as the upper stationary watering. Previously, this shower was just a part of equipping of multifunctional shower booths. Now it has acquired an independent form. Its location can be either ceiling or wall. Rotary showers consists of a metal propeller with many blades, pierced by many small holes, which spins under pressure of water jets. With this design, the water forms a variety of ribbons or spirals, which provides a massaging effect. Appearance of rotary shower is quite unusual and interesting. Therefore it brings not only a functional value, but also serves as a decoration of bathroom. But, unfortunately, experts recommend complete this showers with usual one. They believe that it is more suitable for a massage or a warming effect, but not to washing.

Cascade shower.

Choosing such shower, you will definitely appreciate it. It is designed for sophisticated connoisseurs. Cascade shower will warm you with water jets from soft and caressing to the simulations of a small waterfall. Yes, a waterfall! More than a hundred liters of water can be pumped through a cascade of in one minute.

Chandelier shower.

Modern deluxe bathrooms are usually equipped with such showers. The name speaks for itself: a shower is very similar to a chandelier. For example, it might be a chandelier, consisting of two sections, each with a diameter of almost 30 cm. And, since the title has the word “chandelier”, then of course, this shower has a spectacular illumination.

Stationary shower.

This type of shower has complex mobile joints, which help to change the angle of the direction of the jet directly at the end of the body. Water jets will give you unforgettable pleasure when they join.

Remember, no matter what type of shower you choose, the reliability and functional advantages of a shower nozzle are the most important features. And of course do not forget about the design: let the shower be the mean of decorating your bathroom.

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